Spray @lovejuice on someone else and it might catch you a follower. You might make a friend. You could get resteems. You could catch up-votes. You may find your posts get some friendly lovejuice too, because this platform amplifies kindness!

@lovejuice is a bidbot similar to @booster, but meant just for minnows! The timer is shorter, and it has a smaller amount of Steem Power. Witness and MSP co-founder @aggroed imagined that this bot would be best used as a fun way to get a smile, either by sharing some lovejuice around, or from the silly little comment @lovejuice will leave for you.

Want to make a friend? This is a pretty simple way beyond just up-voting a post to perform a nice gesture for someone else. It doesn’t cost more than a penny, and it’s thoughtful — consider putting the vote on another person’s post. Here’s a way you can put up to an $0.80 vote on something without using one of your minnow votes. Make a friend, and help other minnows by supporting this bot! @lovejuice will leave a comment saying the vote came from you, so your soon-to-be-friend will know who juiced them.

How @lovejuice works

Let’s talk a little more about how a bidbot works so that you are spending the correct amount of money, and getting more money back than what you put in.

  • The minimum bid is 0.01SBD
  • This bot votes every 36 minutes
  • Don’t bid on anything near 0.5 SBD or more, because after that there isn’t enough pot rewards from this to pay for your bid. If you do, you either like @aggroed/this bot and want it to help other minnows, or you don’t understand math and have made a bad judgement call
  • Keep your bids small. Check the wallet on @lovejuice to see if anyone else is bidding; you may want to wait a bit and come back. About 50 times a day, you can put in as low as 0.01SBD and get up to 70-80 cents back
  • We suggest spraying lovejuice on a friend!


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