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@minnowsupport is the official community Steemit account of the Minnow Support Project. It makes all important MSP and PALnet announcements, and is used more than 1600 times a day (and counting!) to up-vote and resteem posts by MSP members who are active on PALnet.

@minnowsupport is managed by Witness and PAL co-founder @aggroed. As the idea for the Minnow Support Project took shape, the bot was blessed with a 90,000 Steem power delegation from @benjojo, and an additional 5000 Steem power delegation from @neoxian. Now,
there are dozens of awesome supporters delegating to the main MSP community account bot, growing daily! The @minnowsupport account is up-voted by MSP community members using Steemvoter, to continue growing the bot’s Steem power. Active members of the MSP community also support the project with either Streemian or a delegation of Steem power. By following the Minnow Support Project curation trail with Streemian, active members are able to automatically vote on a post after the account bot to take part in earning curation rewards.

How @minnowsupport works

The community account, @minnowsupport, can be used by MSP members on the PALnet Discord server. There are timers built into the program that limit up-votes from one account in a given period of time, so that users aren’t incentivised to spam up-vote shit content. Additionally, up-votes are public in the channel and display the up-voted content, ensuring that people that do up-vote their own shitposts will be quickly smacked down by the community.

  • Go to the PALnet #upvote channel and use $upvote yoursteemitposturlhere
  • There is a 12 hour cool-down time between votes
  • The bot will leave a comment on who requested the up-vote, so consider boosting a friend
  • @banjo will also up-vote posts alongside @minnowsupport