@MSP-Lovebot was originally envisioned as a way to support the community members of the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord channel who are also members of the Minnow Support Project.

After coming up with the idea for @msp-lovebot as a thank-you to an amazing community, Witness and MSP co-founder @aggroed delegated it 6,000 Steem Power to get it rolling. Delegations are swimming in every day, and as @msp-lovebot grows, it is loving supporting the minnow community!

How @msp-lovebot works

If you delegate 100 SP or more to any one of the Minnow Support bots, @msp-lovebot will start supporting your work. Your posts will be automatically up-voted, which means you do not have to use a command over at PALnet to initiate it. The bot will vote on every future post you publish; the more you delegate, the higher power it will vote with.

  • 100SP to any bot gets a vote from @msp-lovebot at 5% voting power
  • 500SP to any bot gets a vote from @msp-lovebot at 15% voting power
  • 1000SP to any bot gets a vote from @msp-lovebot at 30% voting power
  • 5000SP to any bot gets a vote from @msp-lovebot at 50% voting power


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