@msp-shanehug is the kindest bot, designed to reward minnows big and small with up-vote hugs for delegations of Steem power that may not qualify for rewards from other Minnow Support Project accounts. We appreciate you!

@msp-shanehug is managed by PALnet moderator @swelker101. This bot fills the gap for minnows that would like to delegate to a community account, but are not able to reach the Steem power level that many big bots require. Any delegation of 21SP will get you a Shane-hug on any new post you make after being added to the list.

How @msp-shanehug works

All delegating users on shanehug who have put forth more than 21SP to help the community will be added to @msp-shanehug’s voting list after being manually reviewed, so you will be reminded of your awesome deeds every time you post with a little squeeze from our loving senior moderator and witness.

  • 15% up-vote on all of your new posts after delegation of 21-99SP directly to @msp-shanehug
  • 5% on top of the 15% up-vote on all of your new posts for each additional 50SP delegation directly to @msp-shanehug over 99SP

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