MSPWaves live streeming radio

MSP Waves Radio is talk radio for the Steemit community, with a focus toward, by, and for minnows of all sizes. This station is made possible by a dedicated group of members of PALnet and the Minnow Support Project.

MSP Waves Radio presents a variety of shows covering a myriad of topics. All of the show hosts and hostesses are strictly volunteers, providing their time and content to the listening community purely out of the goodness of their little minnow hearts. Please consider showing your appreciation for the hard work of this volunteer group by following their Steemit profiles and commenting here on their individual show pages!

We look forward to interacting live with YOU during shows, on special show-specific channels that will be made available alongside the usual MSP Discord channels. Join us on PALnet and become a part of the show, get your questions answered, or just to tell us we are full of hot air.

Put those sweet, sweet MSP Waves in my ears

MSP Waves Radio is the broadcast division of the Minnow Support Project in conjunction with the Peace, Abundance, Liberty Network.