What is the Minnow Support Project?

The Minnow Support Project is a Witness initiative designed to form a community around new Steemit users to help them grow, find support, and as an avenue toward financial success.

The primary manifestation of MSP is the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord server, which hosts the Minnow Support Project. It’s the largest off-chain community of Steemians that currently exists, with thousands of people coming through the many active channels. The PALnet general room serves as a gathering place, a networking community, a radio network, a town hall, a marketplace to share ideas, and a fun place to blow off some steam. A number of offshoot projects have made the Minnow Support Project an indispensable tool for Steemit users, including a number of community account bots, the minnow-centric live streeming station MSP Waves Radio, and more exciting initiatives continually added as MSP grows.


Steemit’s learning curve is remarkably steep. Many people (especially new users, often called “minnows”) spend hours crafting thoughtful content, only to find it receives very few views and up-votes, and very little reward. This discouraging experience can last for months wherein users feel powerless, frustrated, envious, confused, and as though Steemit only favors wealth creation for a handful of people, instead of all who embrace the platform.


The challenges of Steemit are best met with a strong, united community which seeks to help all of the members on the platform succeed through education, personal connection, intellectual growth, leadership, and community curation. By joining the carefully structured MSP community, users will find the help to prosper by writing better articles, reaching a wider audience, connecting with others, and increasing their wealth and influence on Steemit.


The Minnow Support Project is the largest Steemit community incorporating training, support, peer-review, dedicated niche channels, community account bots, and curation strategy. As new members continue to join the platform and MSP, we will continue to increase our resources and influence, in order to facilitate user life-cycle growth from minnow to whale, and to continue paying peace, abundance, and liberty forward.

What is Steemit? Entering the Pond

Steemit is a fantastic interface for the blockchain-based Steem social media platform. It allows individuals to earn rewards for their creation and curation labor in a system that creates abundance; creating Steem without debt allows the community to prosper, and capping Steem creation to an incredibly small amount creates an essentially deflationary currency — Steem will increase in value over time, when compared to highly inflationary government fiat currencies. Steemit creates abundance for its users, and can help everyone individually and collectively prosper. To learn about Steem, read more at the official website.

how the project works

MSP is equal parts education, community, and curation.


Through a series of educational seminars, content reviews, training, and individual consultations the Minnow Support Project will support a highly structured curriculum to transition passionate new authors into successful bloggers capable of writing content that catches views, up-votes, resteems, and followers.


Developing a supporting network is essential to success; the first goal of MSP is friendship and connection. As relationships grow, so too do projects, plans, companies, and visions; enacting change in the world will soon follow. The Minnow Support Project provides a friendly community to embrace new members as they join the Steemit platform. On the PALnet Discord server (the actual home of the Minnow Support Project,) we encourage teamwork. MSP fosters real connections that stand the test of time, as minnows grow alongside one another. In all things, the Minnow Support Project encourages an attitude of de-escalation, adaptation, and education, as opposed to ruling with an iron fist. We trust that this tolerance, compassion, and consideration will flow into other online and offline areas, creating a better experience for everyone.


The Minnow Support Project utilises tiered, semi-manual cyborg curation to facilitate the success of non-spammy, high quality community member posts. In essence, we use a series of community accounts run by various programs to facilitate curation for the best results. For example, MSP members can freely use the public @minnowsupport account bot to up-vote their content to help it succeed — click here to learn about all of the Minnow Support Project bots.