Delegate Steem Power to the Minnow Support Project

Delegation is a key component to the achievements of the Minnow Support Project. Steemit up-vote weight is partially calculated based on the voting account’s Steem Power, so having our bots powered up is important.

We know that you’ve worked hard to build your Steem Power, so we think delegation is the perfect way to retain ownership of your resources while allowing you to contribute to the success of MSP. Think of it as a loan: the Steem Power delegated to power up the MSP bots is used for the good of the community, but you retain control, and can always take it back at any time should you wish — this process takes seven days.

I want to help the Minnow Support Community by Delegating!

You’re amazing. Really. The goals of the Minnow Support Project and PALnet can only be realised through teamwork and the dedication of our members and Steemit users all helping to make the platform better. Click on the button below to go to our delegation app and get started!

Still not sure if you want to delegate? There are benefits.

We hope you’ve accepted our mission of peace, abundance, and liberty for all to heart and are inspired to help the Minnow Support Project grow. However, we totally understand if you’re wondering if you’ll also be rewarded for being community minded — we’re happy to tell you that you absolutely will be — just note that delegation to the project is designed not to function solely for profitable returns. Give a little, get a little, help a lot!

  • 100+SP to a qualifying community account gets a vote from @msp-lovebot at 10% voting power
  • 500+SP to a qualifying community gets a vote from @msp-lovebot at 20% voting power
  • 1000+SP to a qualifying community gets a vote from @msp-lovebot at 30% voting power
  • 2500+SP to a qualifying community gets a vote from @msp-lovebot at 40% voting power
  • 5000+SP to a qualifying community gets a vote from @msp-lovebot at 50% voting power