Witness & Community Leadership

The minnow Support Project is managed by publicly elected Witnesses that have received a minimum of 10PV of stake weighted votes from a minimum of 100 community members.

Witnesses are computer servers that construct the Steem blockchain, which is a giant ledger containing all information stored on the system. The blockchain is the DNA of the Steemit community, and it is the witness servers which assemble it.

Behind these servers are the people who spend an incredible amount of time running and managing them. Many of these witnesses take their role as ‘elected officials’ to include providing social benefit to the community in addition to technical services. In this regard, several of the Steemit witnesses have chosen to work together to create this completely free and public community for all good standing members of the Steemit platform. If you would like to support the Minnow Support Project initiative, consider casting a few of your thirty witness votes for the members of this deserving team, to help them continue to innovate and further develop MSP initiatives.

Meet the awesome Minnow Support Project community witnesses

Founder & General Manager of MSP

is a passionate advocate for Peace, Abundance, and Liberty. He spends time making connections to bring users to the Discord room and handling arbitration.

Founder of MSP

is an Australian with deep roots in the community, who uses his Steem power to curate users who choose to dedicate their time to controversial topics.


is a business owner and a tireless, technically gifted witness who is helping to make a better world by creating and supporting projects making Steemit better.


is an excellent example of a human being spreading steemit knowledge, and constantly supporting minnow posters.


is a business owner and primary witness running steemsports, steemvoter, and projects including a steemit based sports network to rival ESPN.


is a 15-year old kid who runs a witness server, manages steemsports, and is constantly helping and supporting minnows.


is a witness who helps with PALnet administration, supports minnow posts, and spreads knowledge.


is an online marketer and entrepreneur of over 10 years, a witness delegating 50% of proceeds to Minnow Support, and is working full time on Steemit projects and MSP.


is a programming wizard and crypto enthusiast from the early days of Bitcoin, who believes Ethereum based projects will change the world and hopes to contribute by running a STEEM witness.


is a funky muffin with a heart of gold, computer science student, entrepreneur and CTO of the BUILD Team, whose projects include minnowbooster, a service assisting minnows to gain recognition and rewards.

…and don’t forget our PALnet Discord moderators for MSP


is a writer and graphic artist who loves to help new members become part of the community. Creator of the #meetup channel, working to find a way to make small and large scale events easier to arrange for steemians around the world. Despite his name, he loves to make things make sense.


is a photographer and creator burning with wanderlust, a sense of humor and adventure, and a drive to help new and seasoned Steemit users alike. Always ready on PALnet with a hot pepper, encouraging words, inspiring photos, or a swift kick in the ass (only when needed, and delivered with love).


is a knee-bending therapist by day and writer of whatever strikes his mood by night. Creator of the @msp-shanehug bot, to give members a little extra love on each post. He enjoys helping new members find their way on Discord, and swinging his Egghammers Of Justice when the need arises.


is dedicated to supporting MSP through projects such as @msp-creativebot, assisting new users onto the platform and into MSP, giving crypto, hardware, software and exchange advice, and moderating in accordance with the mission statement of peace, abundance and liberty.