Steemshelves author project

Steemshelves is a way for serious authors to group and collect all of their related Steemit links in one place, with a dedicated, custom URL, made possible by an amazing group of members of PALnet and the Minnow Support Project.

Steemshelves is a hot new project from the Fiction Workshop at MSP Discord. We’ve all felt the pain of scrolling through a busy blog, looking for each piece of a serialized work. This service is available for fiction and nonfiction. If it’s a Steemit link, we can shelve it; the cost is 2SBD per link. Funds are transferred directly to The SFT (Steemhouse Fiction Trail,) a new curation effort by the Fiction Workshop. Monies will be used for payouts to curated authors, in hopes that we can provide incentive and reward for authors who provide high quality, professional fiction for Steemit audiences.

We look forward to interacting with YOU on all things related to writing, on special channels that will be made available alongside the usual MSP Discord channels. Join us on PALnet and become a part of our incredible writing channels, get your questions answered, have your work proofread, or suggest pieces to the SFT.


for a tutorial on everything Steemshelves, check out this post.

Put those sweet, sweet Steemit stories in my eyes

Steemshelves is the publishing division of the Minnow Support Project in conjunction with the Peace, Abundance, Liberty Network.